An ECOfriendly Company

When it comes to companies and their investment in the future, the first thought many people have is the thoughts on how to make more money, extend reach to new customers and ways to increase growth. These are all good qualities and I think almost every CEO and company in the world can wrap their heads around those three sentences, but there are more to a good company than just increasing revenue. The global warming is just one of the issues that has struck our world hard and in order to turn this around big companies like IKEA have increased the awareness of environmental change and what our consuming does to our own planet. They’ve raised this awareness in both their staff and customers in order to striveto be an eco-friendly company and a setting stone for others.

Were a small company with big picture thinking

Even though our company is rather small and I am not trying to compare us in any way to IKEA, but we try to see the big picture here at DotNetServicesPHP. We know that if we keep polluting and slowly destroying our own planet there will be no company to expand with, there will be no growth in revenue and there will definitely be no more customers to be had. Therefore we have come to the conclusion that we will, just as IKEA, strive to becoming a more environmental friendly company. Even though here in India there are not too many people thinking about this just yet we hope to influence our customers both here and overseas to increase awareness of the fact that there will be no land left to live on if the temperature reaches a certain degree.

Therefore we want to put in a big effort in terms of making our business more environmental friendly. We have started by creating a sorting station at the office so that everything that possibly can is being recycled. Another measure we’ve taken is to cut down on the short-range driving, normally here we have to take a cab or our own car when going anywhere but thanks to one of our customers we’ve been able to make at least the shorter distances a lot more environmental friendly by importing not one but three hoverboards. We struck a deal with one of our customers to help them out with building up their new forum section that will be launched soon, and by doing this they were kind enough to send us three used hoverboards from their early hoverboard reviews. By doing this we didn’t only get the price down for our customer but we also benefited and these old model hoverboards will come to great use by us and our employees even if its just to go round the corner to pick up lunch. We want to send them our greatest thanks and a good luck on their forum section launch.

Lately we have also implemented three different lunch offers for our employees to choose from a nearby restaurant in order to not only eat more healthy and keep our employees fed and happy. This will also minimize the commute to different restaurants at lunchtime and even though we have a few new good options to use this will be a much more greener option. And that not only because it always includes a salad and I think that I am not just speaking for myself when I say that is a great addition to an not so well-rounded diet.

We are at orange now

I wouldn’t want to say that we’ve become a green company just yet, I would probably say we’re at orange. These are all very minor implementations and they come with little to no cost or extra time and we have a few more ideas that we would like to implement into our business over the next couple of months and hopefully for the New Year of 2017 we can say that we are a fully environmental concerned company that believes in a sustainable future and a responsible mindset towards the horrific sights we will be seeing if we do not start this change. Even though our company is small there are a lot more small companies than there are big ones and combined we have more employees together than all of the big companies. Therefore if we can inspire others to take action and at least do some minor changes to the way they operate, that is a win for the bigger cause.

Hopefully we can update you soon about new ideas put to the test and how everything is working out. I think that at least we will be not only making the world a little bit better, but also our new healthy diet will hopefully give us great results in terms of energy, efficiency and overall well-being.