Here Is How Cloud Servers Were Created

Cloud servers are something that many of us rely on daily in order to have easy access to all of our important computer files. Not to mention, we also use the cloud daily in order to store other files that we want to have easy access to later. However, it is kind of funny to think that, only a few years ago, cloud computing was not even invented. Today, many of us do not know what Read the rest of this entry »

The Differences Between Cloud Servers And Virtual Servers

The terms “virtual” and “cloud” servers are often used interchangeably, but these are in fact two different types of systems which serve different needs.

A virtual server is a device that allows other devices to connect to it through a virtual connection. This allows for one device to control the actions on another and allows a user to better allocate use of available resources. Depending on need, there is more flexibility available to users or Read the rest of this entry »

Cloud Computing in a Nutshell

If you get your 4G or wireless internet service through sites and services like, then you have cloud computing capabilities. But what is cloud computing and how exactly does it work?

You hear about cloud computing or cloud servers all the time. Most notable is the cloud service offered by Apple for their iProducts. In this particular case, the cloud computing they are referring to is the online storage application.

For example, let’s say you are using the iBook app on your iPad and you’re reading a book. You bookmark a section and call it a day – storing that information on a cloud server. Later on, you’re away from your iPad and you really want to continue that book except all you have is an iPhone. With the cloud server, you can access that book through your iPhone and pick up where you left off on the iPad.

Cloud computing also handles a number of other applications like virtual IT services and software management, but the general gist of cloud computing is that it involves a third party handling and managing your data. Your data, be it where you left off on an e-book to storing software at a neutral location or whatever, it’s all handled and managed by a third-party organization.

It floats around on this server, like a cloud, until you’re ready to access it.

Ideas For Modifying Cloud Servers

Ideas For Modifying Cloud Servers

Essentially, the power of cloud servers is that they run on virtual servers that rely on cloud computing environments. Meaning, all the control of and freedom to modify all the software needs are at the power of your fingertips and engineered so you have total control of your server networking system. Since cloud servers run on software programs that are independent and not installed by a central operating system, the possibilities are endless for ensuring your own safety and network security. Hardware problems are typically devoid when using and Read the rest of this entry »

The Problems With Cloud Servers

Depending on the provider of a cloud computing service, there are problems that can occur. You should also be aware of risks that may limit access to your data. Research these issues before deciding the type of cloud server you want to use.

Server Unavailability

Issues that affect connectivity on the Internet may render the server for a cloud computing service unavailable. This is a risk that you need to consider when selecting a service that you will use.

Account Lockout

This occurs for cloud services that have special security features Read the rest of this entry »

The Benefits Of Cloud Servers

The use of cloud servers for a business have many benefits. A cloud server is part of a cloud computing service that can be used by a company for their business operations. Benefits of cloud servers include a cost savings, easy installation, time savings, automation and accessibility.

Cost Savings

The cost of using a cloud server will be much cheaper than purchasing a standard server. The price of a cloud server is based on usage. This means that you will pay for the amount of storage that is needed to meet your needs. Read the rest of this entry »

How Cloud Servers Compare With Dedicated Servers

Cloud servers are all the big rave now. People want to put everything in the cloud. They like the idea of not really having to know how it works. There are still lots of dedicated servers out there though. The strong reliance on both have made many people wonder about the differences between the two of them.

There is an obvious thing about dedicated that stands out. The fact that these servers are called dedicated should be the clue. The Read the rest of this entry »