Cloud Computing in a Nutshell

If you get your 4G or wireless internet service through sites and services like, then you have cloud computing capabilities. But what is cloud computing and how exactly does it work?

You hear about cloud computing or cloud servers all the time. Most notable is the cloud service offered by Apple for their iProducts. In this particular case, the cloud computing they are referring to is the online storage application.

For example, let’s say you are using the iBook app on your iPad and you’re reading a book. You bookmark a section and call it a day – storing that information on a cloud server. Later on, you’re away from your iPad and you really want to continue that book except all you have is an iPhone. With the cloud server, you can access that book through your iPhone and pick up where you left off on the iPad.

Cloud computing also handles a number of other applications like virtual IT services and software management, but the general gist of cloud computing is that it involves a third party handling and managing your data. Your data, be it where you left off on an e-book to storing software at a neutral location or whatever, it’s all handled and managed by a third-party organization.

It floats around on this server, like a cloud, until you’re ready to access it.

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