The Problems With Cloud Servers

Depending on the provider of a cloud computing service, there are problems that can occur. You should also be aware of risks that may limit access to your data. Research these issues before deciding the type of cloud server you want to use.

Server Unavailability

Issues that affect connectivity on the Internet may render the server for a cloud computing service unavailable. This is a risk that you need to consider when selecting a service that you will use.

Account Lockout

This occurs for cloud services that have special security features in place. Didn’t catch that? This explains it. If you attempt to log in to the cloud service you use too many times with the wrong password, your account may be locked. You need to provide proper credentials or contact customer support to restore access.

Secure Storage

Data that you send and access at your cloud computing service should be encrypted. If you are not sure is your cloud computing service offers secure encryption, a replacement service many be necessary.

User Access

Any employee can access data from a cloud computing service that has access to the Internet. You need to set up passwords for specific data stored on the cloud that is not for everyone to access.

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