How Cloud Servers Compare With Dedicated Servers

Cloud servers are all the big rave now. People want to put everything in the cloud. They like the idea of not really having to know how it works. There are still lots of dedicated servers out there though. The strong reliance on both have made many people wonder about the differences between the two of them.

There is an obvious thing about dedicated that stands out. The fact that these servers are called dedicated should be the clue. The machines are exclusive to a certain company and the data that they have. There is no shared bandwidth or data storage space. The people or company that is using this dedicated space will have no others on it. It can cost more, but it is almost the most reliable method for storing, backing up and accessing data.

On the other end there are cloud servers. Right out the bat this sounds a little mysterious. In the world of technology mysterious is not all that great. The concept may play well in Agatha Christie books, but mystery is no fun for network administrators. The fact that cloud servers are in the cloud means that it could be shared with other users.

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